Stephen Kamelgarn

 When I was in college, I became very interested in theatrical light design. From my experience in the theater I became aware of how light alone could profoundly affect one’s emotions. This revelation stayed with me when, a few years later, I took up photography. I started my experiments using Black & White film, just as I discovered the photographs of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Edward Steichen and others. Those images had such a profound, soul-shattering impact on me. I found that it was the quality of the light that they captured that made such a deep impression

I initially got interested in digital enhancement of photographs when I saw that a viable alternative to using toxic darkroom chemicals existed. My original impetus was to use the computer as a "digital darkroom," attempting to make photographs that were virtually indistinguishable from "real" photographic prints. However, as I explored the capabilities of PhotoShop and other image manipulation software, I began to realize that this was not a pale imitation of the darkroom, but something completely different. The computer grants one a much larger palette to work with, and a much broader way to give photographs an emotional impact. My art is an attempt to make the viewer aware that she is still looking at a photograph, but with subtle differences that allow a different emotional response that one would get from looking at a snapshot or postcard.Although I shoot primarily Black & White I have found that, just like theatrical lighting, judiciously applied color has its own voice, and makes a distinct and complementary statement to the Black & White foundation. In the 10+ years that I’ve been exploring the capabilities of digital enhancement, I’ve come to realize that this represents a whole new artistic medium. 



All prints are made with archival pigments on digital archival photo paper. They are sold matted, mounted, signed and numbered. THEY ARE NOT FRAMED

However copy #1 of some of the images (dated prior to 2000) are available in a simple, black wooden frame and mounted behind UV protective glass. If you are interested in a framed image, or wish more information on any image, please contact me:

Stephen Kamelgarn
185 His Lane
Kneeland, CA 95549